Narrowed Business Focus

For many organizations, daily ticket items can fill up all of your Information Technology (IT) team's time. Between these daily ticket items, monitoring your security posture, and planning ahead for bigger picture IT security, many tasks can be slipping through the cracks.

By utilizing Partners First (PF) as your managed service provider, your internal staff can focus on their daily tasks, while PF takes care of the rest. Not only will your IT team be less overwhelmed with the amount of work piling up, your organization will be better protected leaving you time to proactively plan for the future.

Predictable Low Monthly Cost

A question that we repeatedly get asked is whether or not managed services can lower down costs? The answer is yes.

Managed services can not only lower your overall IT expense but can make your monthly costs more predictable. With our managed service packages, your total cost is a set to a fixed amount paid on a monthly basis.  Based on your SLA and scope of work, you will avoid draining your IT budget by knowing exactly what your MSP will complete for you monthly. The pricing structure model can protect your IT budget from extreme fluctuation by improving the stability of your organization.



Minimized Downtime

A goal that every organization should have been to minimize overall downtime. In most cases, downtime occurs as a result of equipment issues such as servers failing, computers malfunctioning, electrical disruptions, and cyber-attacks. Partners First can implement systems to ensure there is a backup process in case there is a failure within the system.

What we often see with our clients is that in-house IT teams often do not have the bandwidth or expertise to tackle downtime issues effectively. Usually, these clients reach out to us after an issue has occurred.  However, by engaging with PF you will prevent downtime from occurring in the first place via planned systems and functions in place.


Reliable 24x7x365 IT Support

With Partners First you have a Service Level Agreement, or SLA, that details all of your services. With this knowledge of commitment in your back pocket, you know that PF will always be available and ready to help.

Additionally, by splitting up tasks between internal IT staff and PF you increase reliability that long-term projects will be completed.  We have the latest technology at our disposal, such as remote monitoring tools, that give proactive insights to your organization's security and efficiency. By having a reliable IT team by your side, you can rest easy knowing that if a problem arises, PF can handle it.


Improve Security

With 60% of small businesses going out of business within 6 months of a cyberattack, you need to make sure that your organization’s security program meets your risk tolerance. Partners First will use advanced toolkit to provide:

  1. Identify your security posture with in-depth network scans.
  2. Find gaps in your security by running penetrations tests.
  3. Offer recommendations to secure the gaps.
  4. Deploy the solution so your organization is protected.

Not only Partners First help your overall security, we can also ensure that you are complaint with any required regulations for your industry, such as HIPAA, NIST CSF and PCI DSS.  We are well-versed in working within these specific guidelines and understand the importance of compliance for both you and your clients.


Proactive IT Team

By outsourcing your IT Partners First, you will immediately gain a proactive IT team that will place your organization goals and objectives as a top priority. As your managed service provider, we can perform as your trusted IT consultant/partner for your in-house team or be your Team and connect you with top technology to enrich your network.