Partners First, we treat our Clients as Partners!

Partners first was born out of a unique business concept leveraging heavily vetted, co-opted resources, delivering the right solution at the right time using the right tools and personnel. Or resource pool is second to none in the technology space with an average tenure in the industry of over 20 years. Unlike our competition, we don’t have that “Smart” jack of all trades that takes care of all your needs, our engineers are seasoned professionals that have specialized in specific vertical technologies to meet your specific requirements. All using the same tools, processes, and procedures to assure consistency for our client.

Our team was created after the realization that our team has provided solutions for many MSP’s on an as needed basis when those businesses are over their heads with a project or situation. This relationship is not good for the MSP, Engineer or Client. There is no consistency and makes it very difficult to deliver a seamless, supportable solution. A group of us came up with the model after a $250,000 project that should never have happened but we needed to fix a customer we had never met to cover another MSP’s lack of experience. From that point on we knew Partners First could make a huge difference in the traditional MSP “go to market” strategy.

Every resource in the organization has worked together in some capacity during their growth in the industry, a person is invited into the group by a member within Partners First that can attest to their professional as well as personal attributes. All solutions are collaborated with a team of peers for accuracy and efficiency. Leveraging the Coopt model we can keep our pricing model at or below the typical MSP while guaranteeing that you are not relying on an “individual” in case of the inevitable event.

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