The Power of Being Understood

When an organization does not have a proactive process in place to identify its vulnerabilities, security issues may go unnoticed; this makes them much more likely to be exploited by attackers. Without knowing what vulnerabilities are present within your environment, it is impossible to mitigate them and generate an accurate system baseline.

Partner’s First comprehensive vulnerability assessments help you identify critical exposures that must be addressed; as a result, your vulnerability management program can be strengthened. Our vulnerability assessments can benefit organizations of any size and can identify exposures on internal or external systems. These scans give you an overall picture of the vulnerabilities present on your networks, assist in vulnerability risk management and help maintain payment card industry (PCI) compliance, if required.

Partner’s First vulnerability assessments leverage the use of automated tools to identify vulnerabilities on a number of different network assets including, but not limited to, network devices, operating systems, web applications and web servers. We offer three specific types of vulnerability assessments for both internal and external networks:

  • External and internal network scans with or without manual false positive validation
  • Dynamic and static application scans with or without false positive validation
  • PCI approved scanning vendor (ASV) scans

When conducting these assessments using false positive validation, Partner’s First manually checks to ensure all discovered vulnerabilities are truly present. This confirmation eliminates false positives and provides an actionable list of vulnerabilities to remediate.

Our vulnerability assessments help you identify critical issues and offer recommendations for fixing them at both a technical and an organizational level. Many organizations believe they are secure because they have a patch management process or minimum-security baselines on all production servers. However, having a process does not mean it is truly effective. Vulnerability assessments help to verify whether these processes are properly securing your networks.