Effective security awareness is knowing what is important in your organisation.

Effective security policies are the foundation for an effective security program, as it helps to clarify the security goals of an organization in relation to its business processes, technical mechanisms and personnel behavior. A good security policy can help to ensure that systems are utilized in the intended manner; and control legal liability.

Partners First offers Security Policy Reviews and Development services that assess an organization’s existing Security Policies in order to determine compliance with relevant regulations.

Our information security consultants will then assist the organization in developing policies that addresses compliance deficiencies. We have the expertise and the experience to help you develop an effective and efficient security strategy, with supporting policies and procedures to suit your business requirements and bolster or improve the information security posture of your organization.

We provide expert advice on the development and review of security policies that aim to improve your security practices while minimizing any unnecessary administrative overhead. The objective of this service is to assist your organization in identifying and developing information security policies and to provide innovative solutions for how they should be managed and maintained.

Our services include:

  • Review of current security policy author and ownership
  • Analysis of current security policy and standard procedures
  • Review information security policy and standard procedures adherence to applicable regulatory and standards
  • Gap analysis of current security policies and standard procedures for mapping to customer’s security policy requirements
  • Documentation of new security policy and standard procedures
  • Review of new security policies and standard procedures

Key Benefits:

  •  A dedicated team of information security consultants.
  •  Reduce the need to have an internal expertise, thus the company can focus on the core business.
  • Organization may utilize our services on an as-needed basis.
  • Our team of information security consultant will help you meet the PCI DSS requirement, with recommendations on the findings which can be used immediately to improve the security of your system and meet the PCI requirements
  • Cost-effective services, lower your total cost of ownership
  • Vendor neutral approach, we are not supporting any vendors or products.
  • We ensure regulatory compliance, such as PCI compliance