Our Methodology


An incident is no time to have multiple people doing duplicate work. It’s also a terrible time to have important tasks ignored, all because everyone thought somebody else was working on it. Incidents are made worse when incident response team members can’t communicate, can’t cooperate, and don’t know what each other is working on. Work gets repeated, work gets ignored, customers and the business suffer.

That’s why effective incident response teams designate clear roles and responsibilities. Team members know what the different roles are, what they’re responsible for, and who is in which role during an incident.

Common Threats Addressed by Our Incident Response Team

We manage incidents of all types, complexity and severity for organizations across diverse industries. You can count on Partners First unique frontline experience not only in a crisis, but also for proactive planning and mitigation strategies. We are among the top service providers and offer peace of mind.

Business Email Compromise and Wire Fraud

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Malware, Keyloggers, and Backdoors


Payment Card Fraud (PCI/PFI)

Insider Threats and Accidental Data Loss

Third Party and Vendor-Related Risks

Cryptocurrency Theft

Targeted Intellectual Property Theft

Web Application Attacks and Password Theft